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Coterms is the knowledge management platform that helps you contract better, faster, and smarter. Now with AI 🤖

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An all-in-one tool for your contract function.
Upload any contract template on coterms and start capturing knowledge around the document


Build customized clauses and agreements with generative AI.


Search Coterms' growing community library of terms and agreements.


Save content to your library. Take notes and build your own personalized wikis.

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Save time.
Reduce risk.
Get to yes.

Align key groups across your organization (legal, sales, finance, marketing, information security) with a collaborative contract playbook.

Your own personalized wiki for contracting knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

Build personalized knowledge bases by recording contract language, taking notes, uploading attachments, and documenting important content.

Don't reinvent the wheel.

No more bulky documents, out-of-date playbooks, or expired resources. Centralize, share, and constantly improve upon your tribe's contracting knowledge.

Ask questions in app, take notes, and capture knowledge quickly.

Make contracting suck less.